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Terms & Conditions Formatted for printing on A4   Return to default format's standard fares are ideal for the occasional traveller and offer excellent value for money. In addition by purchasing one of's one of multi trip tickets you access's most economical fares.

Multipass 10 sector concession
  • For frequent travelers on all routes.
  • Available on all regular commuter flights.
    Purchase a MultiPass or top up your existing MultiPass

    Multipass Terms And Conditions
    1. All MultiPasses are valid for 2 years from date of purchase.
    2. MultiPasses are transferable and may be used by anyone permitted by the purchaser.
    3. MultiPasses may be used on any regular scheduled passenger service subject to seat availability.
    4. Website reservations may be 'paid' for using a combination of MultiPass sectors and a credit card payment - however an individual passenger journey payment cannot be split.
    5. Reservations in advance are recommended and outside 24 hrs before flight may be cancelled online without extra charge.
    6. See's Terms & Conditions for complete terms and conditions.